Arding Landcare update and “other” things

The good news is that the Arding Landcare Group has survived and will continue it’s work.

Thomas Lagoon (the photo you can see in the header) will continue to be protected and cared for. At the moment it is completely dry but I am sure it will fill again as it has done on and off for millennia.

The other news is that whilst we were away overseas we were given a new Prime Minister whether we wanted it or not! I was not very happy with Tony Abbott because he squibbed making the carbon tax front and centre of the last election campaign but to give his government credit they did scrap the atrocity enacted by the previous mob (it was never going to effect carbon emissions and I have yet to see convincing evidence that it was necessary anyway – ie real data, not the output from questionable computer models).

I fear that the Turnbull government will join the anti-carbon dioxide church and we will all have to suffer the consequences (not least the poor and under privileged).

Just while I’m on “climate change” – I am quite intrigued by the series of posts at Jo Nova’s site by her husband David Evans. If it works out as David claims this MUST have some impact on the honest but fearful scientists and computer modellers unwilling to put their heads above the parapets and hopefully some of them will have the courage to speak out!

Anyway I have done some more work on the wind turbine – not as much as I would have hoped but will have some more to say on this topic very soon.

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